Brent’s Cafe

Formally known as Zinnia Bakery, Brent’s Café is a new restaurant opening soon in Amarillo, Texas. With the same atmosphere Chef Brent Lancour and his wife Heather Lancour wanted originally; now has turned into a full restaurant. Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner with a full bar and featuring baked goods made by Heather.

The Café is focusing on using locally grown produce, meats, eggs, and more for their menu. They understand the importance of supporting local farmers, and the quality fresh food has. “It’s a great time to be a producer in this area right now.” Heather told us. “The community’s response to locally grown food has been phenomenal, and it will only keep growing!” Brent explained that using fresh food is to the resultant’s benefit. “It enhances the flavors, and
just completely changes some dishes.” He explained.


Brent’s Café will be serving gluten free options regularly, along with catering to other allergies as well. Brent and Heather want the Café to be a community gathering place where people will always feel welcome, and know they are getting a good meal. The café will have a base menu and will rotate fresh vegetables as the seasons change.

The specials will never be the same each week; “I easily get bored” Brent told us, “So one week the special inspiration could come from Italy, the next week Old Mexico.” The two have already started talking with a few Local Producers such as: Tir Bluen, and Wolf Vertical Farms.


They are looking forward to opening within the next month or so, and are located at 3701B
Olsen, Amarillo Tx.

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