An Update on Our Food Hub

We’re getting in the flow of weekly deliveries through northeastern New Mexico & southeast Colorado.

Last week was an especially large delivery and route, nearing around $850 of locally grown produce from four different farms. Every farmer kept 100% of their food’s value.

We recently added another rural grocery store to the circuit: Katie’s Korner! The owner, Katie Johnson, started this self-serve structured grocery store because her community of 233 folks needed access to nutrient-dense, regional foods. We’re thankful to be able to source and procure products from the Arkansas Valley and Canadian River watershed to help actualize rural food equity.

And a very special thank you to the Trinidad Co-op for continuing to walk alongside us as a distributor and provider for their retail space.

Pictured here is one of the managers of the co-op, Erica Gonzalez, and a newly arrived order of green beans out of the Mora Valley from the farm, Ledoux Grange.

If you are one of the following, we would love to connect with you in either providing the product for you as a buyer or helping to open up market access for you as an agricultural producer:

  • Food Service Director of a Rural School or regional institution (i.e. hospital)
  • Farmer or Rancher
  • Retail Outlet (i.e. grocery, corner store, co-op)

Because we are a nonprofit-based food hub, subsidizing our routes through providing technical assistance and support to farmers and ranchers, as a producer, you…

  • keep 100% of the food production value (i.e. you set the price, and we don’t take a cut)
  • have the pickup, travel, and delivery organized for you, with us as your distributor,
  • and feed communities within a 150-mile radius.

And as a retail outlet or regional school/institution, you…

  • get connected with farmers and ranchers in your area,
  • are provided with marketing materials on your growers,
  • centralize a point of contact, instead of coordinating with several producers,
  • and feed your community with local products.

You can reach out to for any questions or support!

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