Alcove Farms: Regenerative farming reaps egg-celent results

By Hattie Robb

With Easter season upon us, you might want to reconsider your annual visit from the Easter bunny and instead, grab some all-natural eggs from Alcove Farms. Not only is this operation a beacon of great stewardship but it is also a wonderful source for fresh and healthy poultry products.

When Ron and Rick Betenbough bought the 160-acre plot in north Lubbock, they originally intended to build houses on it. However, in 2016, they saw an opportunity to “sow, grow and restore” the land and soon after came Alcove Farms.

I had the privilege of meeting with the farm’s manger, Amos Green, to discuss the operation’s unique regenerative farming practices and the many health benefits that come with a carton of Alcove Farm’s pasture raised eggs.

“We felt that we should be good stewards of the land we have been given,” Green said, “so we now run chickens on our field, and we move them every single day to get the benefit from the chickens into the soil. The healthier you can make the soil, the more efficient the process becomes.”

The farm currently has 2,000 laying hens and yields around 23,000 eggs each week. According to Green, every product is processed and packaged on the farm’s facility. They also produce fresh chicken meat that can be bought directly from their website.

Another great aspect of Alcove Farms is the many nutritional benefits that come with their products. For example, instead of placing a “sell by” sticker on their cartons, Alcove Farms includes the date of when the eggs were processed. This gives consumers the confidence to ensure they are buying the freshest produce possible. In addition, according to Green, the farm ships its eggs to be nutritionally tested and compared to other store-bought brands. Alcove’s eggs have higher traces of Vitamin D, Omega 3’s and good cholesterol. Green credits this to their all-natural farming approach.

The operation has plans to continue its impressive growth through opening a farm-to-table restaurant, along with starting a sod farm.

“We appreciate everyone supporting us,” Green said. “The local community has been really awesome. It’s a really big deal.”

You can find Alcove Farm’s eggs at HEB, United grocery stores, the Wolfforth Farmers Market or on their website, Be sure to check them out and support this awesome operation!

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