It is a new year and a fresh start this January! As tradition calls, we all make resolutions towards self-betterment and improvement upon prior accomplishments. How often do you feel yourself giving up on these plans early on in the year? Everyone has let a resolution slip as the old routines of last year return or they get busy with life in general. This January Local Llano has a few suggestions to help you stick to these goals and make this year your best yet! Here is a list of reasons why being a “locavore” can not only make your resolutions attainable but easier than you thought to achieve.



Health-related resolutions are often the first resolutions we promise ourselves after New Year’s celebrations close to an end. Just as easily as you promised to visit the gym more, eat better, or lose the holiday weight, you’re quitting before the month is over. This is a simple fix! One of the key elements to living a healthy lifestyle is knowing what is in your food and where your food has been. Buying fresh, locally grown ingredients can take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. Shopping locally is a great way to cut synthetics, fillers and artificial ingredients from future meals.


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Local Llano has suggestions for many of the most popular resolutions that many times never see fruition. Whether you just want to do more good, give back thanks to a successful year, or find your place in a new community, we suggest joining a Community Supported Agriculture group. CSA’s are membership agreements to help fund farmers for their season(s) and BONUS: you receive a scheduled share of the produce! Another great way to meet new people while bettering your community are community gardens. Community gardens are gardens tended to by the community for the community. In most cases, the produce is distributed to shelters in need or the proceeds are donated to charity.


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These suggestions are for those resolutioners braving their way out of debt, saving money for a special something they have always wanted, or just trying to put away a nice nest egg. As we mentioned before, CSA’s are a great way to save a pretty penny and make a difference at the same time. Another great way to put green in your basket as well as leaving green in your wallet is visiting your local farmers’ markets. Farmer’s markets cut out the middlemen: grocery store tax, transportation fees and distributors looking for a quick buck. The produce offered at these markets are straight from farm to your table. This way you and the farmers benefit most, the only two parties that really matter!

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Thanks for visiting us this week! Local Llano is looking forward to all this new year has in store for us!

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