Adventures in Container Gardening: BYE MOSQUITOS!


Summer is so close that we can just about smell that summer sun. There’s not much that we can complain about a long and hot summer but let’s be honest, the mosquitos are damper on that summer fun.


It’s always a hassle to get the kids holding out their arms and spinning until they’re covered in a thick and sticky layer of mosquito repellent that they’ll probably just sweat off, anyway.

If you’ve been following us, you know we love to pot and plant and we found our perfect combination of natural mosquito repellent plants and herbs that are easy to plant anywhere!



This leafy plant makes up the main ingredient in those sticky bug sprays. Citronella will give your terra cotta pot some body as it urges those pesky insects away from your home in its natural form.



The beautiful flower bloom on this guy will lighten up your flower pot and mosquitos hate it! You can choose from plenty of different colors to add to your collection and make your garden pop.



We suggest choosing the mosquito-repelling catnip plant. Not to mention your cats will go bananas for it (use sparingly with cats!).



This one smells amazing! Along with the addition of its wonderful aroma to your garden, it’ll keep your surroundings mosquito free.



This tall and aromatic plant will help your garden keep out the pests and add a little oomph to your garden with its height and oh-so-pleasant smell.


As well as the ones we chose to plant (can you tell we like citrus?), there are plenty of other herbs and plants that you can choose to keep those little blood-suckers out of your yard including: lemon balm, ageratum, lemon thyme, lavender, basil, rosemary, peppermint, pennyroyal, geranium, and even garlic!

Keep up with our next Adventure in Gardening while we determine if our combination really works!

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