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Sweet Sipz Texas is a mobile drink and cookie business that puts a twist on classic fountain drinks with additional flavors, syrups, and creams. Customers can look forward to a new “cookie of the week” along with five regular flavors. Though Sweet Sipz largely serves the Amarillo/Canyon area, its origins spread further west. 

The current owner, Darcy Marvin, moved to this region from Utah due to the relatively low cost of living. When she arrived here, she was taken aback by the lack of soda and cookie shops in the state. These kinds of businesses were in abundance in Utah, more so “than tea shops in Texas” according to Marvin. These shops have taken this state by storm, likely because many Utahns “adhere to a religious code for food and drink that prohibits coffee” (Walter, 2023). Marvin had grown used to her frequent drink stops and wanted a physical location for such a business in Amarillo. However, the costs associated with a building were too high for a realistic start with a beginning business, but when the Sweet Sipz Texas drink and cookie truck posted for sale on social media, an opportunity presented itself.

The Sweet Sipz Texas Truck

After Marvin purchased the business, she continued in her primary career as a teacher. However, in the past year, she has been able to work at the truck full-time after fifteen years in the educational field.

Her desire for a career shift partially motivated her Sweet Sipz acquisition, but some of the same reasons she enjoyed teaching continue to propel her business. Marvin enjoys interacting with different kinds of people and being able to make her customers happy with a nice treat. Her desire to interact with the community extends to other local businesses, and one such business relationship evolved into co-ownership of a physical location. Hood Eats, a local Asian fusion food truck, partnered with Sweet Sipz Texas to create The Revolve, which was located across Tascosa High School.

A seasonal shut-down and the fact that the location did not feature a drive-thru resulted in its closing, but Marvin stated that another physical location is not out of the question should an optimal location with a drive-thru become available in the future. Sweet Sipz retains a good relationship with Hood Eats and affirms the mutually beneficial relationship that occurs when food trucks surround and support each other.

Syrups used in Sweet Sipz
The Sweet Sipz menu

Not only are relationships with other local food trucks important to Sweet Sipz, but so are general businesses relationships within the local community. The food truck sources flour for cookies from Panhandle Milling in Dawn, Texas outside of Hereford and obtains dairy products from local providers as well. Though cost effective options are what Marvin places emphasis on, she maintains that as many local ingredients as possible are used within the business. Another avenue of community support that Sweet Sipz engages in is direct service to community and private events, such as in their contract with West Texas A&M University to serve at this year’s New Student Orientations and their service to a local medical institution’s staff recently. These kinds of events are not only beneficial for exposure, but for allowing the local community to continue to thrive—both for a local business and for those it serves.


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