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“Sister Edie” frequently paces around her house in prayer about the different kinds of flavor combinations she can infuse in new recipes for her business’s baked goods, canned goods, and chocolates. Sister Edie’s Sweet Temptations and Crafts is a culmination of these ideas and inspirations. This business is also the legacy of a lifetime of experiences.

“Sister Edie’s” foray into food crafting began as a young child in the Northeast, stating that her mother “dabbled” in baking but that she took to the craft from a young age. Born in New York City, she spent part of her childhood in Massachusetts before her and husband moved to Pennsylvania. Eventually, the family found themselves in Norfolk, Virginia because of a job placement and this is where she raised her children. The abundance of produce at the Virginia Beach Farmers Market provided ample material for jams, jellies, and other canned goods. 

The Virginia Beach Farmers Market was undoubtedly a big influence on the kinds of products that “Sister Edie” made in Norfolk, but another community institution also left a lasting legacy on her. Wine and Cake Hobbies is a family-owned business in the Norfolk region that originally began as a winery and later expanded into cakes and candies because of the founder’s wife. She also began teaching classes at the institution, a tradition that Wine and Cake Hobbies has continued to the present (About Us). These classes were a boon to her career in chocolate making, aiding in her understanding of the craft through individual communication with an employed chocolatier. Because of this experience, she has produced award winning chocolates at the likes of the 2023 Tri-State Fair & Rodeo in Amarillo.

“Sister Edie” carried her experiences from Norfolk with her to Amarillo when she moved over a decade ago upon her unexpected retirement. Her career as a Special Education teacher was rewarding, especially in providing baked goods for student’s families. However, when a fifth-grade student punched her in the face and left her vision in severe need of recovery, she had to take as much sick leave as possible. 

When this sick leave eventually ran out, she faced the reality that she wouldn’t be able to return to work even though she could not afford to live in Norfolk with her retirement wage. One of her daughters who worked with Bell Helicopter recommended that she move to Amarillo because of the lower cost of living, and she acted upon this advice.

“Sister Edie” continued her tradition of baking by way of a small business—Dark, Decadent, and Delicious. Upon combining this tradition with her love of crafting, under the guidance of America’s Small Business Development Center at West Texas A&M University, she changed this name to Sister Edie’s Sweet Temptations & Crafts. This business has become a staple at the Golden Spread Farmers Market in Amarillo after over a decade of attendance. While she began creating such items because of a diet her daughter was on, her gluten and dairy free options are extremely popular with customers and have become a hallmark of her business.

The quality of “Sister Edie’s” products is well-known to those she serves, and this derives from how she lives her life. As a self-proclaimed Franciscan, she values simplicity and service. If unable to use local ingredients—which she often obtains from local farmers markets for her canned goods—she chooses as many organic ingredients as possible. She ensures that all such ingredients are fair-traded and produced without child labor. Her appreciation and consciousness of food products has also grown in her interactions with local producers through her many years of experience with farmers markets. She recalls stories of farmers being hailed out, rained out, and facing many other unexpected circumstances in trying to feed other people. These interactions have increased her understanding of all that goes into growing and making food, and she now thanks everyone who had a part to play in making the food she eats before eating it. All of Sister Edie’s Sweet Temptations and Crafts’ making and serving philosophy from her life experiences can be summed up with her motto: “feed your body, feed your soul.”


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