Schaffer Farm – Clarendon, TX

The owners of Schaffer Farm, Blair and Blanc Schaffer (Pictured with their grandson), built their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm in a time of chaos. However, the road it took them may have been hard, but the twists and turns are quite amazing. 

“We had to shut down our gym in 2020 because of the pandemic,” Blair explains as I interview them in their downtown Amarillo location. “There was all this space and we saw a need to start growing food. We watched videos on YouTube, read what we could, and took classes when available. We originally started growing them independently and giving them to friends and family. Eventually, we started making a business out of it.” 

As many people saw during the 2020 lockdowns, Blair and Blanc started spending their time being innovative instead of waiting for the grocery stores to have what they needed. ”We didn’t get here without some trial and error. The first year (in the gym) we made the soil too hot and that affected production.” Blair explains with a slight smile. “The first year with the land we had so much rain and hail, but we managed to get a good crop still.” 

“After a while, we decided to start looking for land and there was this place that popped up in Jericho which is about 12 miles east of Groom. Blanc is a historian and she started researching the area. We found out that the plot of land was part of the ‘Jericho Gap’.” 

If you are not aware of what the ‘Jericho Gap’ is, that is a part of Route 66 that used to be the main road. It was also known to be rather muddy for this 17 miles of Route 66. When the governing forces started building a more permanent road, the original owner of that section of road refused to sell his land. This made the town of Jericho go downhill fast as the popular Route 66 no longer brought tourists.

“When we were looking at this land to put the farm there were two buildings still left as what once remained of Jericho. It was going to get bulldozed, but we bought it just in time.” Blanc says as she points out the many pictures in their small shop paying tribute to the town of Jericho’s memories. Even more interesting, as they were looking at the land, Blair had no idea his family had a deep connection to the land.

“Apparently, my family was one of the original families who lived in Jericho and part of the town when it was booming. I had no idea until Blanc started doing some historical investigating.” The Schaffer’s are also looking to make their land a historical landmark with a plaque to honor the infamous ‘Jericho Gap’ and keep it part of Route 66 history.

“Now we are not only using the land for farming, but we have set it up as a place for people to stay,” Blair says proudly. As we continued to talk I was privy to know they were expanding from growing vegetables to making their little slice of heaven for Agri-tourism. This is a form of tourism that means people can come by and pick their own flowers and crops for their table, and this expansion is coming this upcoming season! “We want this to inspire people to also grow their own food, give a great family outing, and reach people who may not live nearby.”

Come by Shaffer Farm in July 2024 and start planning your trip to come pick fresh crops or flowers. If you want to extend your stay consider reserving a camping/RV spot where you can be in nature and pick your food for a couple of days! Start planning your visit here >>>>

 (Note the ‘You-Pick’ option may not be available right now)

If you are interested in their CSA program and want to get fresh food on your table this coming season click here >>>>> If you have questions please feel free to ask them as the Schaffer’s want EVERYONE to have a chance to get fresh and quality products on your family’s plate.

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