Gee Family Farm

“Who is the pumpkin expert?” Asked an excited boy with a huge pumpkin at hand.

“That is me,” Michelle Gee, co-owner of the Gee Family Farm. 

“Can I eat this pumpkin?” 

“No, unfortunately, what you have is for jack-o-lanterns. What you need is a Cinderella pumpkin,” she says and points over to an array of diagrams and signs that decorated the barn. You can’t go one foot across this farm without having some educational fact posted for you to read.

The Gee Family Farm is more than just a pumpkin patch to visit during October. “We sell sweet corn from July to September. We also have a pecan farm in Hart Texas.” Their setup on the outskirts of Amarillo is just one of the many investments Tim and Michelle Gee took up. You could say, they have many fingers in the pecan pie of farm life. “We harvest all season long,” Michelle says as we both sit in the big red barn to hide from the cold October weather. “Our son, Samuel, actually planted all the corn you will see out in our field.”

Tim and Michelle Gee pride themselves in doing more than just farming and building their family-owned pumpkin patch. They are avid teachers and enjoy all season telling a variety of groups about the process of growing sweetcorn, sunflowers, pumpkins, and pecans. “We had about six groups every Thursday and Friday (during the month of October). Our regular school tours and then we also have special needs tours, low-income and a nursing home came by. All of them were so excited to learn and play around on the farm.” Michelle explained while assisting another one of their children who was reporting about what was happening across the various elements of the pumpkin patch. 

“We bought the farm originally from Bill Wicker, who had operated this farm for 30 years,” Tim mentions.

“We want to make sure to honor those who came before us. Of course, we want to expand it, but we know this place was successful before us. It is always important to respect those who had this land before us,” Michelle nods. “One of the biggest things we have changed is social media and the variety and way we plant pumpkins.”

“A lot of our customers were originally Bill’s and eventually they were able to adjust to our way. We barely do any marketing through. Most of our customers are word-of-mouth. This year was our biggest crowd yet since we opened up back in 2020.” Tim laughs as he and Michelle reminisce. “We opened at the right time because people were excited to get out after being stuck inside from COVID the whole summer.”

I couldn’t help but take a hay ride and let Michelle flex her immense knowledge of sweet corn, pumpkins, and pecans throughout the farm. You could see her and Tim were in their natural habitat amongst the pumpkins and corn which made the ride informative and fun for all ages! Michelle beamed with pride as she talked about how her entire family assisted with the planting, raising, and working activities during October. “Our eldest son, Samuel, planted all the sweet corn you see.” Michelle’s parents even checked me out after I selected the perfect pumpkin. I couldn’t help snagging a bag of cornmeal, pecans, and a small bag of freshly popped popcorn as I waited to ring out.

“We are not normal farmers,” Tim says as we finished up the interview.

“No we are not,” Michelle agreed. “We do what feels right. We have a lot of different ideas and plan on expanding to a bakery. With what we have been doing? There is a chance we could see that as a real option in the future.”

The Gee family has a wide variety of recipes on their recipe for pecan pie! 

They will re-open for sweet corn in July to September where they begin their month of Pumpkin Patch events next October. You can call ahead with a school or any group you think would love to learn.

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