Christmas with Local Llano

Only a little over a week left before your Christmas holiday begins. Before we introduce Local Llano’s favorite holiday recipe submissions from our Facebook challenge, we want to thank everyone that submitted a recipe from their holiday tradition. We appreciate your food as well as your support! Local Llano asked for your favorite holiday recipes and you did not disappoint! Below we have listed Local Producers that supply essential ingredients to these mouth-watering, delectable recipes, that you can download straight from this page. Get your grocery lists, ready residents of the Llano Estacado, you are not going to want to miss out on a single ingredient from this year’s Christmas with Local Llano.

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christmas recipes



Did you think fresh veggies were just for summer and spring? Quite a few of our local producers grow greens year-round to meet all your vegetable needs. A few of the side dish options that Local Llano has supplied on the attached recipe booklet call for fresh greens. Here are a list of local places around the Llano Estacado that still have greens for you.

Cimarron Organics (Amarillo)


Mariposa Urban Market

1501 North Soncy, Amarillo, Texas | 806.517.8234

Pullen Produce

8203 19th Street, Lubbock, Texas | 806.928.3318

Sunburst Farms Market

East 88th and MLK Blvd, Lubbock, TX | 806.445.0212 or 806.745.6971



What is a meal without a centerpiece of protein? Some of these local producers supply multiple types of meat and others specialize in one general meat category. Local Llano recommends that you call ahead for availability and to price check.

Paidom Meats


Honey’s Farm Fresh

16100 FM 2590, Canyon, Texas | 806.676.9179

Eat-Rite Health Food

2425 I-40 Frontage Rd, Amarillo, Texas | 806.353.7476

Mary’s Free Range Turkey


3H All Natural Beef

2623 Paramount Blvd Building #3, Amarillo, Texas | 806.242.1952

920 S. 2nd Street Hwy 287 Clarendon, Texas | 806.874.9422

Holy Cow Beef

5214 70th Street, Lubbock, Texas | 940.550.4950 or 806.777.1302

Diamond C Meats

1 ½ miles North of Olton on Hwy 168, Olton, Texas | 806.638.2719 or 806.778.8936

Smiling Coyote Farm (for all seasoning needs)

24421 Lakeview Drive, Canyon, Texas | 806.418.1596



The local producers listed below can take care of the dairy ingredients on the Christmas recipe booklet from heavy cream and European sour cream to cheese hors d’oeuvres and salad additives.

Dutch Farmstead Cheese

542 County Road 7, Farewell, Texas | 806.410.0326

Tule Creek goat cheese

1750 County Road 16, Tulia, Texas | 806.994.0067

Pereira Pastures Dairy

18024 N County Road 2700, Abernathy, Texas


DtggwdmwLAZBSqiXWx_AbcTG0d2j4SQTXQFHSHv5qpMv_X3cm2lqSzmb_TaaOUoAPSEb8q72dmBlAY65N1pcgMO5dU-IMy8_7fl0dCu8wzxno9V0yjNU0GL3osq6rNiJUnWLHkDlRhNpykoY59W4wN8bZaOKoAoc9Q6T0unyl1kw.jpegWhat is a holiday without a little liquid celebration on the side to compliment all of your delicious, yummy dishes. Call ahead for a tasting manager to help you make the perfect pairings this holiday season for your price range.

Caprock Winery

408 East Woodrow Road, Lubbock, Texas | 806.863.2704

Llano Estacado

FM1585, Lubbock, Texas | 806.745.2258

McPherson Cellars

1615 Texas Ave, Lubbock, Texas | 806. 687.9463

Pheasant Ridge Winery

3507 E County Road 5700, Lubbock, Texas | 806.746.6033


Pecans are a staple of this season’s holidays. For all of you, nutty residents of the Llano Estacado, Local Llano has included a local producer list dedicated to pecans and pecans only! These nuts can be used in salads, pies, for a good crust, etc.

Caprock Pecans

806.893.4442 or 806.893.4436

Pecan Ridge

6201 114th Street, Lubbock, Texas | 806.794.2022

Custom Shell Inc

5507 114th Street, Lubbock, Texas | 806.794.2338

christmas recipes

Click the picture above for your Local Llano Christmas guide.

Make sure to download this year’s Christmas dinner with Local Llano booklet full of simple recipes to impress your family with all your culinary sophistication and know-how and buy locally! Grab a cup of eggnog and raise it up high for a big thanks to all our local producers. These hard-working folks provide only the freshest and most delectable produce for this fine region.

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