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Working Hard with the Howard’s

By Daniel Colunga (OC Local Foodshed Intern, Silverton, TX) Being a local food producer takes more dedication and time than it seems. Imagine having to


Brent’s Cafe

Formally known as Zinnia Bakery, Brent’s Café is a new restaurant opening soon in Amarillo, Texas. With the same atmosphere Chef Brent Lancour and his

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Yellow City Street Food

Originally established in 2013, in a small shack, now upgraded to Yellow City Street Food and located in the heart of Amarillo in a quaint,

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TallTex Beef

Talltex Beef-Dalhart, TX

Talltex Beef, in Dalhart, TX, is owned by David and Christine Meyer. They are a relatively new business that is growing fast and has a

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Gee’s Family Sweet Corn

Tired of not getting the sweetest corn from the local grocery store? Look no further than Amarillo Texas’s very own sweet corn farm, family owned

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