CCOC—Learning How Cooperatives Can Work for Local Food Producers

By Berlin Arellano (Tucumcari, NM) The College Conference on Cooperatives held in St. Paul/Minneapolis, is a convening of students who are open and ready to conquer their prospective industry. As an ag business owner and active Co-op Board member in my rural community, this conference was a great eye-opener for me. The vast mash-up of […]

Growing a Bounty for Foodsheds in the South Plains/Permian Basin

By Laura Russell (OC Intern) Ethan Carter grew up in Lubbock, TX, and supplies vegetables, microgreens, and mushrooms to restaurants and Farmer’s Markets for much of the Lubbock area and the Permian Basin.  For his transplants, he uses an innovative speedy method of planting – chain paper pots, a product from Japan. These pots allow […]

TableTop Co-Op and the Beginning Farmers Program

By Berlin Arellano (OC Canadian River Foodshed Intern) The TableTop Cooperative started out as a group of farmers and ranchers working towards a goal of feeding their community first in eastern New Mexico. While establishing this regional foodshed and with hopes of building a healthier community, the Table-Top Co-op quickly realized that there was a […]

Harvesting Turkeys & Chickens at Rancho Alma Linda

 As Thanksgiving approaches, the time has come to harvest the poultry raised at Rancho Alma Linda. A team consisting of Marie Nava, Yolanda Nava, Sonya Nava, and OC intern Berlin Arellano managed to dispatch, clean, and butcher 11 turkeys and 19 chickens. With over 15 years of experience, Yolanda and Marie were great teachers. Making […]

Holy Cow Beef

Written by: Laura Russell If you’re ready to take control of your health, look no further! Originating in Lubbock and shipping nationwide, Holy Cow Beef has been raising clean animal proteins since 2002. The Warren’s grandparents had always lived off the land, but Weldon’s father, the reason the company was created, not so much. He […]

Sweetness in the High Desert: Miel De Mora Apiary

By Berlin Arellano (Canadian River Foodshed Intern—Tucumcari, NM) In 2005, Meg McGee began her relationship with the honeybees, mentoring with Les Crowder and completing an intensive, season-long training in natural top-bar beekeeping. Over the years her skills have broadened working closely with the hives and attending numerous trainings, workshops, and seminars examining wide-ranging aspects of […]

Genesis Gardens Homestead

Genesis Gardens Homestead is located in the far east of Tucumcari, NM. This quaint little farm has been in operation for over 30 years by Darrell and Sally Baker. Both Darrell and Sally were born and raised in a farming household and pride themselves in raising their family in the same manner and continuing the […]

Staying Clean with Kathy

By Daniel Colunga Recently at a farmer’s market in Pampa, Texas, I came across Kathy Caraway who owns Bar C Soaps. Taking care of your body is very important. Compared to chemical based body soaps that you find in a bottle; 100% all-natural body soaps are much heathier and efficient when caring for your body. […]

Working Hard with the Howard’s

By Daniel Colunga (OC Local Foodshed Intern, Silverton, TX) Being a local food producer takes more dedication and time than it seems. Imagine having to take care of 26 hundred tomato plants. Howard Farm’s Produce does this daily. The farm is taken care of by Markeeta and Donny Howard, along with their kids, and other […]

Keeping it Peachy with the Monroe’s

By Daniel Colunga (OC Local Foodshed Intern, Silverton, TX) If you were to ask me what the best fruit is, my answer would always be the same,  peaches! From the first bite you take, the sweet sensation just makes your taste buds shout with joy. What is even better is naturally grown peaches from a […]

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