Schaffer Farm – Clarendon, TX

The owners of Schaffer Farm, Blair and Blanc Schaffer (Pictured with their grandson), built their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm in a time of chaos. However, the road it took them may have been hard, but the twists and turns are quite amazing.  “We had to shut down our gym in 2020 because of the […]

Gee Family Farm

“Who is the pumpkin expert?” Asked an excited boy with a huge pumpkin at hand. “That is me,” Michelle Gee, co-owner of the Gee Family Farm.  “Can I eat this pumpkin?”  “No, unfortunately, what you have is for jack-o-lanterns. What you need is a Cinderella pumpkin,” she says and points over to an array of […]

Creek House Honey Farm

Creek House Honey Farm

If you are looking for something sweet and savory to eat then I suggest the Creek House Honey Farm and Winery in Canyon Texas. I took a visit back in June to enjoy their amazing Lavender Festival where guests can come and cut their own bouquet of lavender! Every type of person was there to […]

A Look Back at 2023

my foodshed monthly newsletter

“A long, loving look at the real” is the meaning of contemplation, or being contemplative. I have loved this definition ever since I learned of it from Fr. Richard Rohr and want to give you all a reflective look back on this last year; one that’s less of a grocery list of achievements or a monologue […]

Listen to our Food Producer Calls Anytime!

This year, we held monthly calls for Local Food Producers. Each month’s call covered a different topic in food production. Pun intended: these discussions were incredibly fruitful. 😉  We realized that this is an incredible asset for our audience, and that many people might want to re-listen to these calls over the winter months as […]

Spicy Peppers – Woodward OK

I met Clark and Mel, a fun-loving and hilarious couple when visiting the Woodward Farmers Market in August. They were incredibly knowledgeable about peppers and gardening. Over time they became contributors to the farmers market in Woodward and their story of how they got to growing peppers is inspiring. “My old boss used to be […]

Texas Beef Grass to Grill – Wheeler, TX

When you think of the Texas Panhandle, you probably imagine something very similar to the ranch of Texas Beef Grass to Grill in Wheeler. Trent and Annie Cadra (pronounced: Sodra), and their three daughters, live and work on a ranch that has been in Trent’s family since 1905. “I really wanted to honor my heritage so […]

The Moments That Make Up a Rural-Focused Food Hub

Nurturing Community, Fresh Produce, and Cold Storage At My Foodshed, every day is filled with moments that bring together producers, communities, and fresh, local produce. This blog post captures some of those moments, showcasing the heart and dedication behind our rural-focused food hub. Katie Johnson: A Pioneer Serving a Community Meet Katie Johnson, the pioneer […]

Ramel Family Farms

Location: Raton, NM Two brothers, Hassan & Kayvan, Tamie, and Faith all run this farm together. Everyone is a beginning farmer and originally from another state (i.e. Nebraska, California), having chosen the small, historical mining community of Raton as home. They grow a mix of field crops and indoor production. With esoteric varieties of pumpkin, […]

An Update on Our Food Hub

We’re getting in the flow of weekly deliveries through northeastern New Mexico & southeast Colorado. Last week was an especially large delivery and route, nearing around $850 of locally grown produce from four different farms. Every farmer kept 100% of their food’s value. We recently added another rural grocery store to the circuit: Katie’s Korner! […]

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