Working Hard with the Howard’s

By Daniel Colunga (OC Local Foodshed Intern, Silverton, TX) Being a local food producer takes more dedication and time than it seems. Imagine having to take care of 26 hundred tomato plants. Howard Farm’s Produce does this daily. The farm is taken care of by Markeeta and Donny Howard, along with their kids, and other […]

Keeping it Peachy with the Monroe’s

By Daniel Colunga (OC Local Foodshed Intern, Silverton, TX) If you were to ask me what the best fruit is, my answer would always be the same,  peaches! From the first bite you take, the sweet sensation just makes your taste buds shout with joy. What is even better is naturally grown peaches from a […]

Staying Busy with T’s Kitchen: Tori Minick Edwards

By Daniel Colunga (OC Local Foodshed Intern, Silverton, TX) Most people in Turkey, Texas stay busy with one main job. However, this is not the case for local food producer, Tori Minick Edwards. For several years, she owned and operated the Caprock Courier Newspaper. After selling it, she began to work for the Childress, and […]

Goat is the GOAT: Celebrating an Overlooked Festive Meat

By George Stern (Lubbock, TX) Another holiday season reels boozily towards its close, boasting the usual carnivore’s cornucopia: lamb, ham, duck, goose, roast (of beef or pork), turkey… But no goat anywhere, and this Jamaican, by way of Texas, by way of Florida, is disappointed. Again. I like to imagine that the first person ever […]

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